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There are few popular diamond alternatives on the market.
Some of them are well known, but some are quite new and undiscovered.
Let us introduce you to Eternity Amora Gem, the newest, most brilliant gem on Earth
and let´s compare it to others.

Amora Gem - 6'C


Amora gem has an actual and equivalent weight (diamond weight). Both ct. weights are stated on the Amora gem certificate.


Amora gem reach an Internal Flawless clarity, better than most diamonds.


Amora gem reach a premium D color, better than most diamonds.


Each Amora gem is roboticly cut using a quite new cut Ultra Hearts&Arrows. Please note, that Hearts&Arrows cut is a premium cut which only 2% of natural diamonds reach.


Amora gem is the most brilliant gem on the planet with great fire and incredible hardness - all this for a fraction of the price of diamond (1:30 approximately).


Buying Amora gem is evironment friendly - purchasing Amora gem does not support wars or violence, which is connected with "blood diamonds".

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Amora Gem vs. Diamond

Compare gems with Diamond

and find the best solution for you

Eternity Amora Gem

Before we start our comparison, let´s talk about Amora Gem itselves firstly. What is Amora Gem and how is possible we´v never heart about the gem so far? The amora gem crystal naturally occurs around large stars as stardust, but has never been available on earth until now (2014). The Amora gem crystal only grows in extremely high temperatures that would quickly vaporize diamond. Due to the incredibly high temperatures required for its growth, it is only present on Earth in minute quantities near the Earth’s heated core and its lack of availability is perhaps one reason that diamond became the most prized gem on Earth.

Amora gem has unique properties, which eclipse diamond in almost every measure.

More brilliant than diamond | More fire than diamond
9.5 Hardness | Vertical faceted girdle (64 facets)
100% Conflict Free | Better cutting than 99% of all round diamonds
Eternity Round Amora Gem has 57 facets (just like a H&A diamond)

Popular diamond alternatives

Popular diamond alternatives and their chemical composition:  Amora Gem (SiC) / Moissanite (SiC) / Cubic Zirconia (ZrO2)

What are the differences between Amora gem and Moissanite?

The Silicon Carbide family contain over 200+ members of various types of crystal with different internal composition and properties. Amora gem is not a Moissanite, but new kind of crystal and is optically superior to the crystal structure of Moissanite. Amora has better color, more brilliance (higher refractive index) and is harder than moissanite. For example, if you compare diamond and graphite, both are crystals of carbon, but have quite different properties.


We love a pure white color, without any green or yellowish tint in the gem.

Color grading: D / E / F/ G/ H / I / J / K / (D color is the best)
Amora Gem: D – H
Amora Moissanite (G/H)
Moissanite Created (J-K)
Moissanite Forever (H-I)
Cubic Zirconia – D



Gems can contain internall inclusions,
these are not wanted – every one wants nice gems without internal „dirt“.

Clarity Grading: IF / VVS1 / VVS2 / VS1 / VS2 / SI1 / SI2 (IF is the best)
Amora Gem: IF – SI2
Moissanite Created VS1
Moissanite Forever VVS1
Cubic Zirconia: Flawless



The brillance or sparkless is why people love the gems, isn´t it so?

Refractive Index: As light passes from air into a material it is bent or refracted. The Refractive Index is a measure of the amount that light is bent.

R. I. Comparison

Eternity Amora Gem vs. Diamonds
Amora gem is 10% more brilliant than diamond (Amora gem RI: 2.66 vs.Diamond RI: 2.417)

Eternity Amora Gem vs. Moissanite
Amora gem is more brilliant. It is a different crystal having superior optical properties than Moissanite

Eternity Amora Gem vs. Cubic Zirconia
Amora gem is 23% more brilliant than CZ (RI 2.15 – 2.8)

„Amora Gem is the most brilliant gem on the planet“


Fire is a very important part of the gem´s beauty, but on the other side, too much fire does not look natural.

Dispersion: Describes the way a diamond breaks up a ray of white light into its component colors.
Diamond: 0.044
Amora Gem: 0.104 + 200% more fire than diamond
Moissanite: 0.104
Cubic Zirconia: 0.058–0.066

Our view: Amora Gem looks like the best diamonds and that is why we call Amora „diamond on steroids“ while

Moissanite has a more „warm“ color fire, which may or may not be prefered by customers.



Diamond: 10 (the highest hardness mineral on the planet)
Amora Gem: 9.25 – 9.5 (can be damaged only by diamond or materials harder than 9.2) Amora due to its incredible hardness does not need warranty.
Moissanite: 9.25 (moissanite is about 120x harder gem than CZ)
Cubic Zirconia: 8 – 8.5

Did you know, that HARDNESS is not the same as TOUGHNESS?

Yes, diamond is the hardest mineral on the planet, but you will maybe be surprised, not toughness.

In fact, Amora gem and Moissanite are tougher when compared to diamond. How is it possible? Nature diamond contains lot of inner inclusions like cleavage, fractures, feathers etc. Lab-grow gems like Amora gem, do not have natural dirt and that is why they are tougher than diamond. What does it all mean? If you put dimond and Amora or moissanite on the floor, diamond will propably break first, as its even if harder.


Eternity Amora Gem 
Each Amora gem come throught the same grading report as diamond do and customer get own certificate made by NAGL laboratory with important details about gem´s properties like measurement, color, clarity, cut etc.


Each moissanite (from a specific size) has a ceritiface from Charles&Colvard and a lifetime warranty for maintaining its brilliance and color.

Cubic Zirconia
Is not offered.

Amora Gem certificate
Amora gem certificate

Created Moissanite certificateCreated Moissanite certificate

Forever Moissanite certificate
Forever Moissanite certificate


Price, propably the biggest reason why we are looking for diamond alternative. We love Jewellery, big size gem with incredibly brillance, fire and hardness, but dont want ruin our founds. Amora is not in a investment, but does not costs thousands of dollars like diamond with the same properties, see below. Which one do you prefer to wear everyday in your Jewellery?

Price Amora Gem vs. Diamond

Cut: Hearts&Arrows

Amora Gem 1.25ct D-IF USD 2 147,- / Diamond 1.25ct D-IF USD 23 624,-

Amora Gem 2.03ct F-IF USD 1318,- / Diamonds 2.03ct F-IF USD 67 038,-


Amora Gem price – The price is, similary like dimond do, depend on gem´s properties like color, clarity and ct. weight.

Moissanite – Created Moissanite and Forever Moissanite by Charles and Colvard have fixed price depend on ct. weight. Moissanites are made in the same measurements and sell for the same price/size or type (Created or Forever).

Cubic Zirconie – very cheap alternative in few USD


Amora Gem – Ultra Hearts&Arrows

Diamond: only 2% of natural diamonds reach Hearts and Arrows cut

Amora gem available cuts: Round, OEC, Oval, Asscher, Radiant, Cushion, Emerald, Krupps


Amora gem vs. Diamond

1: 1 000 000

The Amora gem manufacturing proces is extremely lenghty and expensive + if we compare diamond year procustion/year

With Amora Gem production, we can say that Amora is „Much, much rarer than diamond“.

We hope that our brief text can help you clear understand about basic informations and help you do the right desision when you purchase.



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